Door Lock Monitoring (DLM)

You cannot afford to let time run out

As you may be aware, the New York City elevator code requires every elevator to be provided with a Door Lock Monitoring System (DLM). This change in code took effect as of January 2015, The deadline to comply with the new law is fast-approaching. We at DTM provide professional consulting services to assist our clients through this tedious, and technical process. We want you to have peace of mind when it comes to meeting with the December 31st, 2019 deadline. 

Building owners are 100% responsible for all penalties and fines for non-compliance and are susceptible to a cease use of the elevator by governing jurisdiction. DTM will ensure that the equipment being proposed by your elevator company is cost-effective, engineered, option and solution. Putting DTM on your side the will assure your vertical transportation system is in compliance with new code and ahead of the December 31st, 2019 deadline is scheduled and tested in a timely manner.

Time is running out and Elevator Modernization filing will not supersede compliance unless elevators are completed and tested prior to December 31st, 2019.

Door Lock Monitoring

Take action now and aviod elevator red tag or getting charged fines for non-compliance with this new law before it's too late... 

Don't let your elevator company control your destiny!

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